Environmental Compliance and Remediation

The modern world faces environmental challenges that require solutions on a local level -the kind that MARRS' environmental professionals deliver every day. Our environmental managers understand the California's terrain and have analyzed, addressed, and treated all aspects of the landscape to protect the environment. MARRS has a profound understanding of evolving environmental issues and the compliance of regulations that protect our natural environment while supporting major, meaningful projects for local, regional, state, and federal clients. Our engineers apply tried and true tested work methods -from field investigations to storm water management - from permitting to regulatory liaison -to mitigate environmental impacts for the entire lifecycle of a project. This holistic approach is balanced to conserve valuable resources and client budgets. All of our environmental initiatives consider not only project excellence but also the well-being of the community, its people, and their future.
MARRS' environmental management services include, pollution prevention, resource inventory, analysis, source reduction, remedial design, investigation/feasibility studies and site closure, environmental documentation, and site assessment including preconstruction services; facility compliance audits; storm water NPDES permit support; SWPPP/WAMP reports; and BMP implementation; soil and groundwater sampling; hazardous waste characterization; environmental mitigation and monitoring.
MARRS' has a strong track record managing projects involving a variety of contaminants such as munitions and explosives of concern, unexploded ordnance, petroleum hydrocarbons, semi-volatile and volatile organic compounds, metals, and emerging compounds.