One thing that sets MARRS apart from our competition is our expertise and knowledge of airport projects and construction management. We developed this expertise and understanding through decades of designing and developing best practices for our customers and aviation clients. MARRS’ engineers and architects understand the need to do things right, the first time. Our project management techniques are second to none. Our professional staff identifies potential pitfalls affecting design, construction or airfield operations and take steps to mitigate these challenges to foster productivity, cost-effective delivery and provide the project management skills needed to oversee project completion. Our project, engineering, and construction management teams keep their eyes on the big picture — the ideal project as envisioned by the designer and its intended function for the people that will use it. Our comprehensive project management and support services allow every facet of a project to function as intended in bringing the project vision wholly to life. At MARRS, we have honed this philosophy on major capital improvement projects as we worked at some of the busiest commercial and military airfields in the world.

From airport terminal work, to runway renovation, to lighting, signage, NAVAIDS, road side infrastructure and master plan support and assistance, MARRS understands the diverse challenges of the aviation industry. Our decades of experience have taught us how to work within the unique culture of aviation-related projects. Our hands-on experience and understanding of the pertinent issues goes a long way in supporting the coordination required with airport operations, the FAA, airlines, tenants, and other stakeholders in providing the ultimate goal — a smooth, comfortable, and enjoyable transportation system that gets people where they need to be safely and on time.