Caltrans, On-Call Construction Engineering, As-Needed ARE/Lead Inspector, Scheduling, and Claims Analysis for Highway Construction

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Services Provided:

Time Impact Analysis (TIA)

Report Preparation

Assistant Resident Engineer

Lead Inspector

MARRS provided As-Needed ARE/Lead Inspector and Scheduling Support Services for highway construction in Los Angeles County. Work included:

I-5 North, Resident Engineer/Inspector Services supported the construction of an HOV lane in each direction of travel, structure widening, repaving/realigning on and off-ramps, slab replacement, and the construction of retaining walls and sound walls at various locations on the I-5 North corridor and involved the closure of various off-ramps during pavement reconstruction and bridge widening.

Scheduling & Time Impact Analysis Services analyzed claims and time-impact-analyses, evaluated schedule impacts, and prepared technical memorandums for several projects including: I-5/10/60 Pavement replacement; SR-91 Pavement rehabilitation, barrier upgrade and undercrossing; I-5/118 Widening and connector overhead; SR-134 San Fernando Road undercrossing to Concord Street undercrossing; and SR-14 Widening, sound wall, barriers, HOV and Mountain Springs Road overcrossing.

Culver Widening Project (I-405 near LAX) prepared a report for Caltrans’ Dispute Resolutions Board stating the State’s position doing a Time Impact Analysis with logic assumptions in order to assess the true cost impact of any schedule delays.

Project Features:
• Bridge Structures
• Bridge Widening
• Pavement Repair
• Road Improvements
• Utility relocation