San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA), Capital Improvement Project Scheduling Manager (PSM) and Control Services

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Services Provided:
Work Breakdown Structure

Master scheduling

Cost & Resource Loading


CIP Projects Review Guidelines

Project Status Reports

Monthly Update & Reporting

Earned Value Analysis

Monthly Review Meeting

CIP Budgeting

MARRS developed and implemented a project scheduling and control application for the SDCWA’s $1.8B Emergency Storage Reservoir and Capital Improvement Projects(CIP) program. MARRS maintained the application for four years and trained the SDCWA’s staff to maintain the application in-house. The Project Scheduling Manager (PSM) provided effective management control of projects and resources through planning and monitoring of: CIP Program; staff resource utilization by individual employee; consultant deliverables and budgets; and interdepartmental coordination. The PSM reports kept management informed of the projects and resources utilization status, and provided timely identification of potential conflicts. The PSM provided workload forecasts and staffing requirements, which make the annual budget analysis and preparation a routine activity. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the corresponding codes that were assigned to each WBS level form the skeleton of the PSM. They defined the data compilation needs and provided the road map for monitoring and management reports. For public CIPs, the WBS typically involved seven levels. The project scheduling and resource planning was performed at the lowest WBS level which is commonly referred as the activities level. The actual expenditures were captured from timesheets and invoices in the financial system, and could be imported either at the activity or task level ,depending upon the time keeping practices and the architecture of the financial system.

Project Features:
• Storage Reservoirs
• Pumping Plants
• Pipe Lines
• Control Stations
• Treatment Plants